Updates Log


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New operators to import and export custom shapes

  • Rig: Custom names for Spline IK and Bendy-bones chains are now allowed (Limb Options)

  • Rig: Buttons to quickly toggle visibility of layers of controllers (expandable) in the Rig Main Properties tab

  • Rig: Deleting the rig data with the X button now ensures the whole rig hierarchy is deleted even if the rig is not selected

  • Export: Support for custom Spline IK names

  • Export: Support overridden armatures

  • Remap: Improved remapping technic for the root bone and IK bones, replaced with a new “relative” mode. This leads to better results when remapping to different skeleton proportions.

  • Remap: The Freeze Armature operator is now applied automatically when retargetting

  • Remap: “Redefine Rest Pose” now also applies on base meshes if any

  • Remap: Support overridden armatures

  • Remap: Print baking progress status (% percentage) in the console when retargetting


  • Rig: Duplicating a bendy-bone chain limb was broken

  • Rig: Import custom shape error when the bone is missing

  • Smart: The right eyeball postion was incorrect when Mirror was disabled

  • Smart: 2 fingers detection could lead to an error

  • Export: Support for new splines IK advanced options

  • Export: Breast bones were missing animation

  • Export: Compatibility error with Blender 2.90 materials

  • Export: Breast parent lost

  • Export: Twist bone transform bug when enabling UE mannequin options

  • Export: Shape keys animation errors due to update issues with proxy armatures


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New advanced options for IK Splines:

  • Master controllers with predefined spacing (frequency) for global shape tweaking

  • Inter controllers for more accurate tweaks

  • Individual bone controllers for micro tweaks

  • Inter controllers Interpolation: Smooth or Linear

  • Twist value to twist the whole bone chains starting at the selected bone up to the tip

  • Rig: IK Spline: “None” option for parent of tips

  • Rig: IK Spline: Increase max count value to 1024

  • Export: Root Motion + Init Armature Rotation is now supported

  • Remap: Refactored the mapping presets interface with only 2 buttons for simplicity: Import and Export

  • Remap: New drop-down menu to import built-in presets


  • Skin: “Exclude Selected Vertices” did not restore the vertice selection after binding

  • Rig: Exporting custom presets did not save multiple drivers of same channels type

  • Rig: Mirroring custom shape could lead to an error if collections are not set properly

  • Export: Avoid error when UV layers are invalid

  • Smart: Fingers detection issue with Blender 2.91


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Now supports multiple spine bones up to 32.

  • Remap: New button to select in the bones list the bone that is selected in the viewport

  • Remap: New “Location” option to remap location data in local/relative space, useful for facial bones

  • Remap: Improved automatic bone names mapping

  • Remap: Now automatically switch IK-FK properties of Auto-Rig Pro armatures when using IK or FK bones

  • Remap: Interactive Tweaks are now stored in the bones data, they are applied back when retargetting

  • Remap: Interactive Tweaks are now stored in the preset file

  • Export: Removed “Export Humanoid Actions Only” since it should be always enabled by default.

  • Export: Removed mp_ and h_ actions prefix for clarity from Fbx animation names. Added a backward compatibility option in the Legacy menu.


  • Smart: Fingers detection could lead to poor results or fail with recent Blender versions

  • Smart: Fingers detection error values were not reset

  • Rig: Disabling arm or leg limbs could leave orphan controller bones when set in Twist mode

  • Rig: Error with bot bones alignment

  • Remap: import export presets fix with tweaks values

  • Remap: Location multiplier was broken

  • Export: When exporting, the action linked to the rig could be replaced by another one, forcing the user to link back the original action manually. It’s now fixed.

  • Export: Support for modifiers when using Units x100: Mirror and Solidify

  • Export: Error when objects were in blend file data but not in view layer

  • Export: Error with custom bone parented to spine bones

  • Export: Support for random character collection name when exporting proxy rig

  • Export: Shape keys with non-topology changing modifiers were not exported


What’s new and improved

  • Remap: New option “In Place” to keep the source armature animation at the same place

  • Smart: facial markers now supports asymmetrical models, with Mirror disabled

  • Export: performance improvements when exporting shape keys

  • Rig: New automatic twist for multiple neck bones

  • Rig: New bendy bones segment value for the neck

  • Rig: A single custom hotkey can now be assigned to the Snap IK-FK function for quick snapping. The internal code was refactored to make it a single function call for legs and arms.

  • Rig: For compatibility with the Library Overrides (replacement for the link-proxy system), custom properties of the armature can now be overridden (IK-FK switch, stretch length…). Click the “Update Armature” button in the Misc tab of Auto-Rig Pro to update older armatures properties.


  • Ensure invalid or duplicated drivers are deleted when Match to Rig for optimal performances and avoid warning message in console

  • Refactored the update armature function

  • Cleanup, removed old functions

  • Removed unused bones properties “arp_layer”

  • Made export functions compatible with the new neck twists bones


  • Smart: Error when detecting knees under certain circumstances

  • Rig: Backward-compatibility issue with the root bone options

  • Remap: Error with proxy armatures

  • Remap: Freeze Source Armature did not preserve the animation

  • Remap: Ensure skinned meshes and meshes parented to bones are preserved when freezing the armatures animation

  • New anim baking: fix error with Blender versions below 2.90

  • Export: Bones rotations for Unreal broken with Blender 2.83

  • Export: Proxy armatures export was broken with Blender 2.90

  • Export: enabling deformation of c_toes_pivot lead to buggy bones export


What’s new and improved

  • Remap-Export: Bake at light speed, x50 speed up! A new custom baking function allows amazing performances (was using the built-in baking function of Blender before). Results are suprisingly impressive: when retargetting 4720 frames, it now takes 15 seconds instead of 14 minutes. Animation baking when exporting to Fbx also benefit from this speed up.

A patch has also been submitted to the Blender developers for inclusion into Blender: https://developer.blender.org/D8808

However, due to code dependencies and optimizations, performances are still greater in Auto-Rig Pro with its dedicated, light function: x50 versus x3.

Credits: Inspired by Philip (Hotox) patch for the Fbx importer: https://developer.blender.org/D7762


  • Rig: Backward-compatibility issue with the root bone options

  • Remap: Error with proxy armatures


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Head Lock snap

  • Skin: Better eyelids skinning

  • Skin: Eyelid borders skinning option to limit the eyelid deformation area

  • Smart: More accurate knees detection in case of large surrounding meshes (clothes)



Compatibility fixes with Blender 2.90:

  • Remap: broken IK pole

  • Smart: broken finger detections

  • Fbx export: broken bones axes when exporting as humanoid mannequin


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Eyeballs auto skinning in option, the eyeballs meshes can now be perfectly skinned by setting the eyeball objects in the Bind menu (single or two separate objects). Additionally, the c_eye vertex groups are removed from other meshes for better results.


Without/with eyeball auto-skinning:

_images/default_eyeballs_skinning.gif _images/improved_eyeballs_skinning.gif
  • Smart: The Rig tab of Auto-Rig Pro is now displayed automatically after the detection, to ease the access of the Match to Rig button

  • Rig: Spline IK: New “Smoothness” parameter to increase or decrease the extra smoothing of the curve shape

  • Rig: Spline IK: New “Update Transforms” option to update or not the reference bones position when applying changes

  • Rig: The rig_add is now automatically deleted if secondary controllers are not set to Additive

  • Rig: the mesh_grp empty is now removed from the rig hierarchy for simplicity

  • Export: force the UE renaming option to rename the ‘.l’ and ‘.r’ side characters to ‘_l’ and ‘_r’ to enhance compatibility with other applications

  • Export: Support of skeleton custom name. Default name was “root”, it can now be renamed on the fly.



  • Export: Exporting a non-animated rig with “Units x100” could lead to incorrect bones position

  • Rig: Spline IK required to click two times “Match to Rig” for correct alignment, due to Stretch To constraints not being reset.

  • Rig: incorrect constraint target with feather bones under certain circumstances

  • Remap: error when updating the selected target armature


What’s new and improved

  • Smart: Now supports characters models with feet floating above the floor

  • Rig: Set A-Pose: The fingers rotation now perfectly match the mannequin fingers

  • Rig: Custom speed factor for the eyelid up and down motion

  • Rig: Custom speed factor for the c_foot_roll_cursor controller

  • Rig: Align c_root_master in option when Match to Rig, to allow custom placement

  • Rig: Align c_skulls bone in option when Match to Rig, to allow custom placement

  • Rig: Align eyelid bones in option when Match to Rig, to allow custom placement

  • Smart: Second voxelization method in option, may help the fingers detection or not depending on the hand topology.


  • Rig: the feet bone rotation could be incorrect when the feet bones were not perfectly straight, due to incorrect bone roll evaluation. A more efficient method is now used to set it

  • Picker: the Main and Secondary buttons could be hidden, ensure at least one of their layer is now displayed


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Custom Limbs are in! The selected bones can be saved as custom limbs, so that they can be easily added in any armature later. This is the first phase of the implementation, only custom bones are fully supported. Auto-Rig Pro limbs (arms, legs…) as custom limbs will be supported later in the second phase of the implementation.

  • Skin: Multiple corrective shape keys per bones are now supported

  • Export: Selective action export using checkboxes in option

  • Rig: The custom shape edition has been improved to ensure the edited custom shape is always linked to the selected bone

  • Export: Allows custom bones export as masters controller (parent of the “root.x” bone)

  • Export: For humanoid export, allows location values different from 0 for the spine, neck and head bones


  • Rig: Bones used for the rotation of corrective shape keys don’t inherit scale anymore from their parent since it was leading to incorrect rotation evaluation

  • Rig: Some picker buttons were locked after applying changes

  • Rig: Set all picker buttons in layer 0

  • Rig: Removed the Reset All button from the picker, since it’s already included in the Rig Main properties interface

  • Smart: The fingers detection was broken with the Blender 2.83 update

  • Export: Ensure animation export without errors in case meshes have multiple armatures modifiers


What’s new and improved

  • Preferences: The addon main UI and tools UI (IK-FK snap…) can now be displayed in a custom tab name

  • Smart: Knees are now in line with the feet, for better legs rotation

  • Rig: To visualize the IK direction of reference bones, a line can now be displayed in option for the selected bones chain

  • Rig: New armature presets can now be added in the “armature_presets” directory of the addon, they are loaded into the list on Blender startup

  • Rig: New “Roll Cursor Distance” to adjust the visual c_foot_roll_cursor distance from the foot

  • Rig: The hand fist controller now allows negative scale values to spread the fingers, and limit constraints have been added, [0.5 - 1.5] scale range

  • Rig: The stretch length default value of feet and arms is now 1.0

  • Export: The shaky bones issue should now be gone with a better evaluation of bone matrices and rotations

  • Export: Since Unity can support twist bones using scripts, twist bones export for humanoid is now added in the interface


  • Rig: The ChildOf constraints of the arm IK pole were not reset when Match to Rig, leading to an offset when snapping IK-FK

  • Rig: Setting the arm ik pole distance could fail

  • Rig: The hand fist constraints was missing from “c_thumb1_base”

  • Smart: Cancelling facial setup could lead to an error


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Bendy bones chains

  • Export: The Generic export has been removed, leaving only Humanoid and Universal. It was leading to many problems and was not that used.

  • Remap: Automatic IK constraint setup

  • Remap: New tool to Freeze the target armature (rotations different from 0 must be frozen)

  • Multiple neck bones are now supported for the humanoid export

  • 20% speed improvement when exporting humanoids for Unreal with Mannequin bones orientation


  • Rig: Issue with the new tail settings

  • Rig: Duplicating ear bones was only duplicating 2 bones

  • Smart: Meshes with delta transforms were not compatible

  • Export: “Initialize Armature Rotation” was broken

  • Export: The dummy mesh when exporting the armature only was no more added in the Fbx file

  • Export: Exporting multiple actions with root motion could lead to incorrect root position

  • Export: The custom bones list was not initialized

  • Export: Disabling the humanoid action only for export was leading to an error when baking shape keys


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New “Spline IK” limb, to add generic spline ik chains.

  • Rig: Adjustable amount of bones, bendy-bones per bone, and the side can be set (left, right, middle).

  • Rig: Useful to rig ropes, strings… Can be used to replace the current FK spine: it’s recommended to keep one spine bone for the pelvis area (“c_root_master.x” and “root.x” bones), and parent the Spline IK to it.

  • Rig: New “3 bones leg” in option, adding another leg bone at the root. The IK constraint still operate on the last 2 bones only for now, a 3 bones IK constraint may be added later (it requires deeper changes to make it compatible with IK-FK, stretch…)

  • Rig: Duplicate limbs now works with duplicated limbs as well (was restricted to original limb before)

  • Rig: After adding a new limb, the reference bones are now selected

  • Skin: The Corrective Shapes tool is now universal, it can be used for any bones, not only arms or legs bones. If one bone is selected, it must be an arm or leg bone since this is optimized for these limbs. Otherwise, two bones must be selected as input for the driver angle setup.

  • Skin: The Bind button is now compliant with any armature, not only Auto-Rig Pro armatures

  • Skin: New “Scale Fix” button to automatically fix the scaling issue (as mentioned in the FAQ). If binding does not work, enable it.

  • Smart: Added 3 fingers detection

  • Remap: New frame range option to Retarget only a specific frame range

  • Remap: New “Bind/Unbind Only” options to test the retargetting before baking it, to save some time


  • Apparently identical class names could cause installation error in some cases, the classes have been renamed to avoid it.

  • Export: Armature object scale was not properly supported

  • Smart: Issue with objects containing shape keys

  • Smart: The eyelids bones roll could be wrong


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New Corrective Shapes tool, to easily setup corrective shapes driver of IK-FK limbs (arms, legs). See doc.

  • Rig: The 0, 1 and Reset buttons of the Shape Keys Driver tools have been refactored to work with more cases, such as these corrective drivers using bones rotational difference.

  • Rig: New Bake IK/FK tool, to snap IK to FK arms and legs and vice versa over a specified frame range


  • Smart: Issue with keyframed objects

  • Rig: The first eyebrow bone was not deforming anymore by default


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New Bird preset armature

  • Rig: New IK Foot Offset controller in option

  • Rig: New “Reset” button in the Rig Tools menu to reset all controllers to rest position (similar to the picker’s reset button)

  • Rig: New Set T-Pose feature along the previous A-Pose

  • Export: Custom bones: so far, custom bones had to be defined with a cc prefix in their name. They can now also be defined by adding a custom property to the bone named “custom_bone” or cc, which allows to lift this naming restriction.

  • Export: Added the Check Rig tools buttons to the N key panel

  • Export: Check rig tools: now also checks for invalid armature modifiers


  • Various small fixes


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New Wings bones, allowing advanced feathers rigs.

  • Export: Support of wing bones

  • Export: New “Check Rig” feature to check for possible errors, especially issues related to scale/stretch, leading to rotations error in the exported Fbx.

  • Export: New “Fix Rig” feature to fix the errors when possible (set legs and arms stretches to 0, disable Preserve Volume…)

  • Export: Bones are now sorted alphabetically in the Fbx file


  • Various small fixes


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: New “Twist” mode for secondary controllers. It adds controller bones for every twist bones, and wrap them onto bendy bones for smooth control. Best for Fbx export, for 1:1 export of the secondary bones and weights (up to now weights were slightly modified when exporting in Additive mode).

  • Rig: New “Voxelize” method to improve skinning of meshes made of multiple separate parts. Less accurate with small parts (fingers, facial…).Note: this is not a true voxel skinning implementation, but an approximated method. It’s not as foolproof as the Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning addon, neither as fast (around 30 seconds to bind for a standard character at 8 resolution), but still produces better results than the base skinning method most of the time. It’s convenient to use it in combination with “Exclude Selected Verts” to mix voxels/default skinning results (e.g. to use different skinning methods for fingers and facial).

  • Rig: New “Exclude Selected Verts” option to exclude the selected vertices from skinning. Useful when using the Voxelize option to preserve fingers or facial skinning, or after adding new bones to the rig to prevent some skinned areas to be skinned again.

  • Rig: New “Preserve Volume” option to enable or disable this option in the armature modifier when binding (dual quaternions skinning). Should be disabled when exporting to game engines.

  • Rig: Automatic A-Pose to pose a rig character as the UE Mannequin. Useful when exporting to Unreal Engine (must be used with “Apply Pose as Rest Pose”)

  • By default, secondary controllers are now set to None.

  • Rig: To avoid name clashing/collision when linking as a proxy, the rig collection has been renamed “charactername_grp_rig”

  • Export: Twist mode support for secondary controllers, in Universal and Humanoid mode

  • Cosmetic: Enlarged the “Match to Rig” and “Bind/Unbind” buttons

  • Cosmetic: The color of left controllers has been brightened to be more visible on the default dark background of Blender 2.8


  • Rig: The picker bone could accidentally deform meshes

  • Rig: If the secondary controllers are set to None or Twist, all additive bones deformation are now disabled when binding.

  • Rig: Workaround an internal bug preventing drivers to be deleted

  • Export: Improved “Fix Fbx Bones Rotation” function, could be still buggy in some cases.


What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Multiple twist bones generation for the arms and legs. The next step is to implement a third mode for secondary controllers: “Twist”, to use twist bones as secondary controllers, for 1:1 export compatibility.

  • Export: Normals can now be exported in tangent space

  • Export: Support of multiple twist bones in Universal and Humanoid modes, for better compatibility with game engines without dual quaternion skinning

  • Export: “Transfer Twist” has been renamed “Export Twist”, behaving in the opposite way: if enabled, twist bones are exported. This is more straightforward and easier to understand

  • Export: Export: More tabs to avoid scrolling


  • Export: Breast weights were not exported when Advanced was disabled and Mannequin Axes enabled

  • Export: Fix Bones Rotation that could lead to invert the bone roll

  • Export: Smart: Force Solid view mode when entering Setup Facial, to make sure facial markers are visible

3.4x for Blender 2.80


Rig Update

Read this to update your old rigs from Blender 2.79 to Blender 2.8. Rigs coming from Blender 2.79 must be converted to the 2.8 standards (layers and groups must be converted to collections, slightly different bones dependency logic). The “update” feature of Auto-Rig Pro will handle this for you. Thus, when opening a rig file from Blender 2.79, a button labelled “UPDATE REQUIRED” will prompt the update.

It is mandatory to click it to make the armature compliant with the Blender 2.8 rig standards. Otherwise, some rig functions will break.


What’s new and improved

2.8 Standards

The whole addon has been ported to the Blender 2.8 python API and the new scene management systems (collections, view layers…) The rig collections are now organized as follow:

  • character1 is the master character collection

  • character1_rig contains all rig objects such as the armature, picker objects

  • character1_cs contains all custom shape objects

  • The collections can be renamed, but they must end with “_rig” and “_cs”. In example “joey_rig”, “joey_cs”


Unified Interface

  • New unified, compact interface. The fingers, toes and other sub-limbs are now treated as “options”, per limb. They can be accessed by clicking the “Limb Options” button, after selecting a bone from the limb. A window will then popup to access and modify the parameters (facial bones, spine bones amount, neck bones amount, toes, fingers…). Thanks to this, the previous limitations are lifted: toes and fingers can be added or removed from any limbs, even duplicated ones. The main rig panel was becoming a little blocked with too many options and buttons. It’s now better structured and clear.

  • The “Add Limb” menu has been brought to all types of armature (it was restricted to “Empty” armatures before). This way, it’s now quick and easy to add any new limbs to any armature.

  • The “Enable All” button to enable all limbs has been removed, since it’s now useless.

Set Character Name

The character’s name can now be set easily using the dedicated button. Rig objects and collections are renamed accordingly. E.g, naming a character “matt” will rename the collections to “matt_rig”, “matt_cs”…


Apply Pose As Rest Pose

The current pose can now be applied as rest pose (kind of “Match to Rig” inverted!). Under the hood, the armature modifiers of meshes are applied then restored, the reference bones position are changed, then clicking “Match to Rig” completes the operation.


Warning: this does not preserve existing animations yet (to do later), since the rest pose is changed, the bones animation will be incorrect (animation are based on the rest pose).

Soft Lips

As an option, the lips can now behave in a more natural way. When moving the lips corner or jaw controller, the other lips controllers will follow softly. To access this option, click the head reference bone then Limb Options.

The Soft Lips: Visual Only option will make the lips controllers follow only visually. Useful when using shape keys to deform the lips corners.

_images/soft_lips_panel.png _images/soft_lips.gif

IK Pole and Eye Targets Distance

The IK pole and eye targets distance can now be adjusted, by selecting an arm/leg/head reference bone, then click Limb Options.


Toes Pivot

The feet can now be rotated from a pivot controller around the toes. To enable this controller, check use the checkbox in the Limb Options menu of the leg.

_images/toes_pivot_controller.jpg _images/toes_pivot.gif


Better seamless IK/FK snap integration: The [IK > FK] and [FK > IK] Snap buttons have been replaced by a single button, that automatically switches and snaps to IK or FK according to the current value. The old manual buttons can still be accessed by clicking the settings icon next to it. After snapping, the respective IK or FK hands/feet are now automatically selected as well. IK switch has never been so easy :)


No Secondary Controllers

The secondary controllers can now be set to “None”, along “Additive (Exportable)”, “Bendy Bones”, to disable all of them.



The markers selection hotspot is now bigger, making them easier to select. On the cosmetic side, they’re now highlighted on selection and mouse over.

Game Engine Export

  • Shape keys animations are now exported properly. When shape keys are driven by bones, the bones no more need to be exported with the same name, not to break the connection, which could lead to complicated setup. To overcome this, shape keys animation data are baked first then sent back to the Fbx file when exporting.

  • New option “No Parents” to support stretchy animated bones. Caution though, to achieve this, the bones are unparented so the rig hierarchy is broken.

  • The breast bones are now exported with the Humanoid rig even if “Advanced” is disabled.

  • The bone’s primary and secondary axes can now be assigned at export time.

  • The c_root_bend.x vertex group has been replaced by the root.x vertex group, to avoid skinning clutter. May change a little the skinning in this area, in rigs coming from older versions.

  • The Fix Bones Matrix feature has been improved.

  • DAE export in progress


  • Better names matching when building the bones list

  • Copy Selected Target Bones has been renamed Copy Selected Bones Rotation