Bug Report - Support

Hey, it’s not working!

Support and bug report is granted to anyone who purchased the addon, these messages will be treated as a priority within 1-3 days. Other reports (Github issues, forum posts…) may be eventually treated but they remain at the back of the line.

  • For Blender Market users, log into your account, then messages can be sent by clicking under the lifebelt icon in Auto-Rig Pro page Ask a Question.

  • For Gumroad users, send an email with the same email address used when purchasing, including invoice/receipt informations, to the address given by Gumroad, or contact@lucky3d.fr

Thanks for your understanding.

Bug found?

  • Please make sure it’s a bug first! Check these documentation pages, Help / FAQ , videos… Especially if you’re new to Blender, the “bug” may be more probably… a user error.

  • If something does not make sense in the documentation and you need suppport, i’ll be glad to help. Just drop a line as explained below.


A cat trying to play chess

This said, as all softwares, this addon is subject to bugs (sigh). They’ll be treated as a priority if you find any. Please write the message this way:

  • The bug is: …

  • It occurs when doing the following: step1, step2,…

  • Sending the blend file is also very efficient to debug it quickly.